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. >> bill clinton got through a lot of stuff because -- i remember this, wall street guys who didn't like him personally, but, boy, they liked the economic boom he was bringing and they didn't want him to resign or impeached. they liked the green and he's bringing us a lot of green. >> i remember the days that clinton was president, boy, the things he was getting away with then, the republicans didn't like him, but the general population, very favorable ratings. what happened to clinton? it was a good economy. relatively safe world. we had no things really to complain about, so we gave him a wide error of margin. >> this is not your way of saying become buffoonish in public, but it doesn't hurt to be liked. >> i'm not sure the president right now has the same kind of latitude. >> it would be funny if during the state of the union address he smashed somebody on his way out. it's always good to see you, gene. >>> meanwhile, you better watch your kid and what he's posting on facebook. one child just cost her dad $80,000. i am so coming home to you right -- the conversation about his car loan
on by president bill clinton. >> why do they need this again? if it's already a law on the books, why do they need it again? >> because it's a federal law and we have state sovereignty. each state needs to also pass their own laws in order to show their differences and be able to stand on principle when a case comes up in their actual state. for example, we had the same situation with immigration. why did zoarizona have to pass fb-1070? because the federal government was want doing their part. >> to police their border. >> exactly. >> arizona tries to enforce laws on the books because the feds forget them or deny them or make a joke of them, and they come off as the quacks. that's weird. >> it's because the democrats, like i said, are trying to put the spotlight there, but a lot of rns out here, if you talk to them in washington, d.c., are saying this is a big headache. this shouldn't be the big issue right now. obamacare should be the big issue. this is just a distraction. so the democrat strategy is working because the conversation right now is about this rather than the disastrous obamacare. >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2